Smoked Catfish Steaks – 1 Carton – 10kg


  • Oven Dried Catfish Cuts
  • Contains about 80 to 100 cuts (including the heads)
  • Can be sold in half or quarter carton packs
  • Shelf-life of 3 months
  • Refridgerator life of 6 months


Healthy Catfish grown organically in our farms. Processed and dried in the most hygenic conditions, spiced with salt and “maggi” to give it flavour. A tasty addition to soups, stews and other african meals. It can also be eaten as a snack as a healthy alternative to processed foods. Aside from the obvious health benefits, another advantage of this product is that there’s no need to wash before use, it’s sand free and has a long shelf life (6 months in the refridgerator).